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Catch Basin Cleaning Toronto & GTA


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Catch basin cleaning & and catch basin repair services from Aquarescue can help maintain the storm drain in a good condition and prevent flood and other problems.

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Storm Basin Definition

What is Catch Basin?

A catch basin is a drainage system used mainly to collect rainwater from surfaces such as streets, sidewalks, parking lots, or even the roofs of buildings and direct it into a storm sewer system. It’s designed with a sump area which captures and temporarily stores sediment, thereby preventing it from entering and clogging the drainage pipes. A catch basin is typically covered by a grate to prevent large debris and objects from falling into it while allowing the water to flow through.

Catch Basin Cleaning Cost Toronto

How Much Catch Basin Cleaning Cost?

Generally, you can expect to pay between $500-$1,000 to $10,000+. The cost of catch basin cleaning can vary widely depending on a number of factors such as the size of the basin, the level of accumulation, and whether any repairs are needed. For substantial commercial jobs, or if the basin is significantly damaged and requires repair work, the costs could be higher. Always consult with a professional service provider for an accurate quote based on your specific needs.


Benefits of Catch Basin Cleaning Toronto

Why Get Catch Basin Cleaning?

Catch basin also known as storm drain basin has to be well-maintained and cleaned regularly. Similar to other devices, if catch basin maintenance schedule is not followed, this can lead to damaged infrastructure and costly repairs down the road. Catch basins should be cleaned because:


  • Prevent Flooding - over time, catch basins can accumulate debris, leaves, dirt, and other materials that can block the system leading to potential flooding during heavy rains or storms.

  • Protect Water Quality - catch basins help to filter out trash and debris from stormwater before it reaches local water bodies. If not cleaned regularly, these pollutants can end up in the water supply affecting water quality.

  • Maintain Infrastructure Integrity - regular cleaning can help identify any structural issues or damage early on. Neglected catch basins may deteriorate over time, leading to costly repairs.

  • Safety - a blocked catch basin grate can create standing water causing hazardous conditions for pedestrians and vehicles.

  • Compliance - in some jurisdictions, property owners are required to maintain and clean catch basins regularly.


Regular maintenance and cleaning of catch basins is an excellent practice to prevent future problems, protect the environment, and maintain compliance with local regulations.


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How Does Catch Basin Cleaning Work?

Our Storm Drain Cleaning Process

The catch basin cleaning process is typically carried out by professionals with specialized equipment. Here is a general overview, although specific procedures may vary:


  • Safety Preparations - the area around the catch basin is cordoned off to ensure public safety.

  • Inspection - a preliminary inspection is often done to determine the type and amount of debris present in the catch basin and any potential structural issues.

  • Debris Removal – depending on the specifics of the catch basin, the amount of debris, and other factors the team at Aquarescue can use a variety of tools including specialized vacuum trucks are usually used to effectively remove debris, sediment, and water from catch basins.

  • Disposal - the debris and waste collected from the catch basin cleaning process is safely disposed of in accordance with local regulations.

  • Follow-up Inspection - after cleaning, another inspection is typically performed to ensure that all debris has been removed and to check for any structural issues that need addressing.


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Catch Basin Maintenance Schedule

How Often to Clean Catch Basin?

It is necessary for property owners to clean their catch basins at least once a year preferably in fall in order to maintain the catch basin and prevent floods.

Ways to Clean a Catch Basin

Types of Catch Basin Cleaning Services

Catch basin cleaning can be done in a variety of ways – manual cleaning, vacuum trucks, power lushing (hydro jetting), snaking and more. Depending on the specifics of your situation the team of professional catch basin cleaners will recommend the right approach:

  • Vacuum Trucks - this is the most common method for catch basin cleaning. Specialized vacuum trucks are used to remove debris, sediment, water, and other materials from the catch basin. These trucks use a powerful suction hose which is inserted into the basin, sucking out the contents.

  • Manual Cleaning - in some cases, particularly when basins are smaller or less accessible, manual cleaning might be undertaken using shovels and buckets to remove silt, leaves, and other debris.

  • Hydro Jetting - this method uses highly pressurized water to flush out any debris that might be clogging up the pipes connected to the catch basin. A specialized nozzle is inserted into the pipe which blasts out water to clear any blockages.

  • Snaking - if there are blockages in the connecting sewer pipes that cannot be removed with jetting, a large snake-like tool may be used to physically break up the obstruction.

  • Robot Cleaning - for large complex drainage systems or for areas hard-to-reach, drain-cleaning robots may be used. They can remove sediment and debris from catch basins using high-pressure water or cutters.


It's important these methods are carried out by professionals who understand how to safely and effectively clean the basins. They also ensure that the cleaned-out waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way, following regulations set by local or national authorities. Proper maintenance and regular cleaning can help to prolong the lifespan of the catch basin and keep it functioning properly. Apart from cleaning, inspections are also key to identifying any structural damage or needed repairs early on.


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  • How much does it cost to upgrade water service?
    Water service upgrades in Toronto can cost from $2,000 to $13,000 and more. The specific cost of water line replacement will vary depending on the scope of your project. To estimate the full cost of your project our team will look at the materials, labour and the specific task on hand. However water line upgrades Toronto cost should also account for city permits and necessary inspections.
  • How long do water service upgrades take?
    Water line replacement can take anywhere from a couple of days to few weeks. Specifics of your project will depend on location of the water line, length of the line, and how much work is required to upgrade, repair or replace it. Keep in mind that a couple of factors can impact the duration of your project - permits and inspections, availability of materials, weather, and more.
  • What causes low water pressure?
    Low water pressure can be caused by a variety of reasons. For example, minerals can build up inside the pipes, causing a blockage and reducing the water pressure. Or you may have a leak in the plumbing system can reduce the water pressure because water is escaping from the system. Make sure to check if you always have low water pressure or only during the peak times, when many people use the water. Another possible reason for a low water pressure may be a malfunction of a water pressure regulator or an old, corroded pipes that restrict water flow and decrease the overall water pressure. Another thing that we often check is the main shut-off valve for the house. Believe it or not, but in many cases it's simply isn’t fully open. Checking this first can save you unnecessary expenses & work. If you are experiencing low water pressure issues, make sure to talk to the your local service upgrade expert, who is trained to identify and repair issues like this.
  • What are the methods of water service line replacement?
    There are two main methods for water line replacement: Trenchless pipe replacement - doesn't require digging a trench. The pipe is replaced by a special approach that bursts the old pipe and installs a new one in its place. Manual excavation - to replacement a pipe via this method our team will excavate the soil around the pipe that will manually replace it.

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