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Water Line Repair Services

Repairing your supply line is a very efficient way of getting your water running as new once again. There may be current issues with the water main which may cause a moment of unease. You don’t have to worry as this problem can easily be fixed with the many methods available today.


These methods will help restore your water line to its proper state, and save you all the trouble. The company that can offer these services to you is just a phone call away.


Aquarescue has top professionals in the Toronto Plumbing industry, and we’ll make sure your water line serves you well for years to come.

Common Signs of Water Line Leakage

Signs That Your Water Line May be Leaking

These are the indication signs that your water line may be letting out water underground. You should take note of these as some of them are easy to miss;


  • Unreasonably high water bills - if you get to notice that your water bill is getting very high as the months go by, it may be time for you to check out your waterline. The water line may be leaking over the water meter which counts as water used in your home. Fixing this error is vital and keeps you from spending extra cash on what you didn’t use in your home or commercial building.

  • Constantly wet surface - this is another sign that your water line may be letting out water from more than one point. If you continue to notice that the area around where the water line is buried is always wet, even during the dry season, then this might be an indication that the water line needs fixing as this may cause issues over time.

  • Water pressure issues - the constant reduction in the water pressure from your supply pipes is another pointer to the possibility of your water line leaking. The water pressure in your home is constantly dropping because the water line and the adjoining hoses no longer form a snugly fit. The plumbers from AquaRescue will make sure your water line is properly fixed.

  • Wet floors - when you notice your kitchen or basement floors are always wet and the wetness seems to increase by the day, there may be a water line issue you have to fix. The wet floors are an indication that the water line is sending water to your home and also to the foundation of your building. This problem cannot be fixed by a DIY plumber.

  • Water flowing out into the street - your water line is situated a bot close to the street or just a bit out your yard, then you may notice this if there’s a waterline issue. The water line leaks out water when faulty and sends this water out into the street. If this currently happens in your street, then it is a strong indication that your water supply line may be leaking out water real fast. Contact the our Plumber professionals for your best water line fixes and replacements.

  • Bubbling noises from your sinks - the sound of bubbling from your toilet water supply after flush; or gurgling noises from your kitchen faucet may be an indication of your water line leaking out water. This sound is a pointer that there are spaces in your supply line, and the noise reveals from your supply system reveals that the issue is from your supply line.

  • Ways Your Water Line Can Be Repaired - there are many ways your water line could be repaired, making it work as good as new. These methods involve pipe bursting, which is a non-invasive pipe repair technique. There’s also the pipe lining which is another non-invasive technique. Then there’s the pipe curing which uses a thick coat of mastic to keep cracking pipes in shape. There’s also the trenching method which involves a lot of digging and may take longer.

Don't Take Our Word for It

Choose the Plumbing Company you Can Trust

Like with many other professional services, picking a good, trustworthy plumber can be a hassle. However, it doesn’t have to be! With Aqua Rescue the choice is simple, as you are guaranteed to receive qualified, professional services that you can rely on. Plumbing work can get expensive, and most times when you are in search of a plumber you require the work to be done very quickly. When you’re faced with an overflowing toilet, a clogged pipe, or some other plumbing nuisance, you need someone you can trust to get the job done efficiently.

Choosing a plumber in Toronto based solely on a low price can backfire and cause additional problems and expenses in the long run.  By putting your trust into a verified business, like ours, you can avoid unexpected or hidden costs and spare yourself a headache.

Aqua Rescue came to do a small job that turned into many little jobs without hesitation both Igor and Derek took it on and with a smile. They are very professional and knowledgeable in their trade. I would happily recommend them to anyone who is in need of a local plumber. You will not be dissatisfied.

Penny Leitch,

Residential Client

I’ve worked with several plumbers before but was thoroughly impressed with the way Igor diagnosed and dealt with the issues I was having. After about 5 minutes he was able to identify the problem and handled everything with the utmost attention to detail. He is very knowledgeable and thorough, and made sure I won’t have any problems in the future. 5/5 stars, I’d give more if I could

Vitaly Sidorenko,

Residential Client

Usually to book plumbing excavation work it takes several weeks. Aqua rescue came within 3 days brining 2 heave machines for the dig. They excavated our main drain, replaced and backfilled everything within 2 full days. The prices are also pretty good

Aubrey Dickens,

Residential Client

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Like with many other professional services, picking a good, trustworthy plumber can be a hassle. However it doesn’t have to be! With AquaRescue the choice is simple, as you are guaranteed to receive qualified, professional services that you can rely on.

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