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Toilet Installation and Replacement Company Toronto

Toilet Replacement & Installation Services

It may be the least liked room in your home, but you still need to take good care of it. The bathroom is definitely not one of the fanciest spaces in the home, but is ironically one of the most important and most used. The toilet is a sturdy household and public space facility that helps you get ease from the pressing calls of nature. These appliances are made from porcelain which is a very durable material, and can last for a very long time with little maintenance required.

It may be possible that you want your toilet replaced, or need a new installation for your complete or soon-to-be complete building. This installation or replacement service is relatively cheap, and should serve you for a very long time indeed. The best Toronto Plumbing firm is Aqua Rescue which specializes in all toilet installations and replacements. We’ll offer you the best service as we are trusted to deliver on our word and nothing less.

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Types of Toilets we Install

We Can Help with Any Toilet Installation in Toronto & GTA

  • Installation of a Dual-Flush Toilet - the Dual Flush Toilet installation is made with a special feature which enables the user to flush the toilet as desired. The Dual Flush is made for the purpose of saving more water in the home in compliance with the eco-friendly trend sweeping through the world today. This toilet can be your choice for an installation in your home, and we at Aqua Rescue can deliver the best service to make your toilet function properly.

  • No-Flush Toilets - the No Flush Toilet is mostly used for mobile homes and other movable living spaces. This toilet requires no water as an odor seal. The installation of this toilet in your mobile home or camping minivan will be a pleasure for one of our expert plumbers at Aquarescue.

  • Wall-Mounted Toilet Installation - new innovations have made everything we do change in one way or the other, and the toilet is also affected too. The wall mounted toilet is fitted to provide an easy seating system with a closed trapway, and is convenient for luxury apartments or if you need to add something special to your home. The best Plumber Toronto Company to help you fix everything you need in this area of plumbing is Aqua Rescue.

  • Double or One-Piece Toilet Installations - the single piece toilet is made from only one mould, and the double piece is made from two moulds. It is necessary for a professional plumber to fix this plumbing fitting for you to ensure it is free from damage arising from amateur fixing attempts. The company you should contact to fix your single/double piece toilets is the number one in plumbing services in the Toronto area is Aqua Rescue.

  • Touch-Flush Toilet Installation - the touch flush toilet is a toilet made for the future. This toilet as the name implies doesn’t need a flush handle, all you need to do is put your hand over the water chamber area where the touch function is located, and the toilet flushes itself. This is one of the latest technologies in the plumbing business, and our experienced plumbers at Aqua Rescue will make sure that your touch flush toilet is properly fixed.

  • Eco-Friendly Toilets - the eco-friendly toilet feature ensures you use the minimal amount of water required for a toilet flush. The eco-friendly toilet is currently gaining acceptance in many parts of America, and Aqua Rescue has noticed thus trend. This is why we now also offer eco-friendly toilet solutions to you and keep you feeling green and happy all the time.

  • Bidet Installation Toronto - the bidet is gaining more popularity in Canada as it is now an accompanying toilet feature in most Canadian homes. This feature is meant for the females who value the health of their nether region. The bidet installation in your home can be properly attended to by the many professionals we have at Aqua Rescue. We’ll ensure that your attachment to the new trend is worth your while, and that the bidet in your toilet area is properly fixed.

  • Trapway Replacement - the trapway is the fitting that connects the toilet to the sewage facility. It is the essential part of the toilet that takes the waste product out of your building to ensure there is no incidence of disease in your surroundings. When your trapway gets damaged, the waste material that’s supposed to be out of sight gets irritatingly placed on your toilet floor. This can cause you to be irked and avoid your toilet area. In the event that such happens or you suspect it could be right around the corner, place a call to our customer response service to give you the best service and take away the presence of all that filth that was in your building a while back. Don’t forget, for the best Plumber Toronto service. Whether it’s an exposed trapway, concealed or skirted trapway, you can be sure that Aqua Rescue, the best in plumbing, will keep you from being irritated.

  • Flush Handle Replacement Toronto - when your flush handle gets broken, chances are it may become extra difficult to be able to flush your toilet with ease. This may cause problems and may make you become dissatisfied with your toilet. Aqua Rescue is here to make sure your flush handle is replaced with high quality materials that won’t break off easily. When you need the best Toronto Plumbing service, call on Aqua Rescue.


The toilet should be more respected in your building as it provides one of the most important services you need every day. Without the relief and hygiene it ensures, there would have been many incidences of pandemics in the world. This is why you should call on the experts at Aquarescue to fix your toilet for you.

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Like with many other professional services, picking a good, trustworthy plumber can be a hassle. However, it doesn’t have to be! With Aqua Rescue the choice is simple, as you are guaranteed to receive qualified, professional services that you can rely on. Plumbing work can get expensive, and most times when you are in search of a plumber you require the work to be done very quickly. When you’re faced with an overflowing toilet, a clogged pipe, or some other plumbing nuisance, you need someone you can trust to get the job done efficiently.

Choosing a plumber in Toronto based solely on a low price can backfire and cause additional problems and expenses in the long run.  By putting your trust into a verified business, like ours, you can avoid unexpected or hidden costs and spare yourself a headache.

Aqua Rescue came to do a small job that turned into many little jobs without hesitation both Igor and Derek took it on and with a smile. They are very professional and knowledgeable in their trade. I would happily recommend them to anyone who is in need of a local plumber. You will not be dissatisfied.

Penny Leitch,

Residential Client

I’ve worked with several plumbers before but was thoroughly impressed with the way Igor diagnosed and dealt with the issues I was having. After about 5 minutes he was able to identify the problem and handled everything with the utmost attention to detail. He is very knowledgeable and thorough, and made sure I won’t have any problems in the future. 5/5 stars, I’d give more if I could

Vitaly Sidorenko,

Residential Client

Usually to book plumbing excavation work it takes several weeks. Aqua rescue came within 3 days brining 2 heave machines for the dig. They excavated our main drain, replaced and backfilled everything within 2 full days. The prices are also pretty good

Aubrey Dickens,

Residential Client

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Like with many other professional services, picking a good, trustworthy plumber can be a hassle. However it doesn’t have to be! With AquaRescue the choice is simple, as you are guaranteed to receive qualified, professional services that you can rely on.

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