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French Drain Installation Toronto, GTA & Beyond


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Aquarescue can help with French drain installation, repair and cleaning of any kind. From traditional French drains, curtain drains, and interior French drains to trenchless French drain installations. Our team of experts can install French drains for crawlspaces, basements, as well as exterior French drains via directional drilling and other methodologies.

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French Drain Definition

What is a French Drain?

A French drain is an underground water drainage system that helps manage water runoff and prevent flooding in basements, around foundations, as well as in backyards. It typically involves digging a trench, installing a perforated pipe surrounded by gravel, and then covering the trench with soil. This system helps divert water away from the property and towards an appropriate drainage area. French drains are commonly used in areas with high water tables or poor drainage to help prevent water damage to buildings and structures.


Why Install a French Drain in Toronto & GTA?

Benefits of French Drain Installation Toronto

French drain installation in backyards, in the basements and around foundations brings a number of benefits to the property owners. From preventing floods to helping manage water in the backyard, and more. Some of the benefits of French drain installation include:


  • Preventing basement flooding - French drains help redirect water away from the foundation of the building, reducing the risk of water seeping into the basement and causing flooding.

  • Preventing soil erosion - by directing water away from the property, French drains help prevent soil erosion that can damage landscaping and property structures.

  • Managing surface water runoff - French drains help manage excess water runoff from heavy rains or snowmelt, preventing water from pooling on the property and causing damage.

  • Improving backyard drainage - French drains can help improve drainage in low-lying areas of the yard or areas prone to waterlogging, creating a healthier environment for plants and landscaping.

  • Protecting building foundations - by diverting water away from the foundation, French drains help protect the structural integrity of buildings and help prevent water damage.


French drains are a cost-effective and efficient solution for managing water in the backyard and preventing water damage to buildings and properties. Wonder how French drain installation can help your property? Get a FREE estimate today!

Cost of French Drain Installation in Toronto & GTA

How Much Does French Drain Installation Cost?

In Toronto, GTA, and South Ontario, the cost of French drain installation typically ranges from $25 to $50 per linear foot. The cost of French drain installation can vary depending on several factors such as the size of the area, the depth of the trench, the type of materials used, and the complexity of the installation.


French Drain System Installation Toronto, GTA & South Ontario

Sample French Drain Installation Process

The process of French drain installation involves several steps to ensure effective drainage and water diversion. Here is a high-level, general outline of the typical French drain installation process:


  • Site Assessment - the first step is to assess the area where the French drain will be installed to determine the best location and layout for the system.

  • Excavation - a trench is dug along the desired path of the French drain. The depth and width of the trench will depend on the specific requirements of the drainage system.

  • Perforated Pipe Installation - a perforated pipe is installed in the bottom of the trench to collect and carry water away from the area. The pipe is typically surrounded by a layer of permeable landscape fabric to prevent clogging.

  • Gravel Installation - a layer of gravel or rock is placed on top of the pipe to provide drainage and prevent soil from clogging the system.

  • Geotextile fabric installation – helps prevent gravel and aggregate from mixing with the surrounding soil. This allows water to pass through, while keeping the drainage system free of debris.

  • Backfilling - the trench is backfilled with soil, ensuring that the pipe is properly protected and the surface is level.

  • Surface Water Diversion - in some cases, additional surface drainage systems may be installed to divert water towards the French drain.

  • Inspection & Testing - the system is inspected to ensure proper installation and functionality. Testing may involve running water through the system to check for leaks or clogs.


It is important to note that the installation process may vary depending on the specific requirements of the property and drainage system. It is recommended to consult with a professional contractor with experience in French drain installation to ensure proper design, installation, and functionality of the drainage system.

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