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Reverse Osmosis Installation Toronto & GTA


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Get Full Reverse Osmosis System Installation

Reverse Osmosis Installation Toronto & Beyond

The Reverse Osmosis system in your home is meant for the purification of your water supply, and make sure you have access to clean H2O always. The Reverse Osmosis system can be very complex to fix for a novice to the plumbing profession, hence you need the help of an experienced plumbing company in the Toronto area.

The professional team at Aqua Rescue, is always on ground to make sure you have the best plumbing services. We are the number one Plumber Toronto Company that conveniently handles installations and maintenance.

In this article, we’re going to be showing you the various parts of the Reverse Osmosis system, and how each part functions to help you purify your water.

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We Can Help With All Things Reverse Osmosis

  • Reverse Osmosis Membrane - this part of the Reverse Osmosis machine is designed to speed up the decomposition of harmful substances in your water and makes sure you stay healthy. This part of the Reverse Osmosis machine is also designed to make sure the harmful substances are flushed away from the supply of your building’s water.

  • Angle Stop Valve - the angle stop valve is meant to supply the Reverse Osmosis system with water from the unpurified source. It is also useful as an alternate shut off valve in the case of servicing, repairs or emergency.

  • Automatic Shut-Off - the auto shut-off is used to regulate the flow of water into your building from the storage tank, and it should be the first point you get to when you suspect any issues with your home/work building water supply.

  • Pre-Filter 1-3 - the Pre-Filtering feature in the Reverse Osmosis system is made to ensure that harmful substances which are not noticeable by the human eye but present in the water are filtered from the water before it goes into a further filtration process. 

  • Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Faucet Installation - this part of the Reverse Osmosis system is meant to provide express supply of water direct from the machine at any given time. It is also a part of the machine that can be used to test whether the system is working properly.

  • Reverse Osmosis Drain Clamp - the Reverse Osmosis Drain Clamp is a part of the system that performs the function of an exit route for bad water from the supply route of your home through the machine.

  • Reverse Osmosis Quick Connect Fittings - the Reverse Osmosis Quick Connect Fittings are used for connecting the various parts of the filtration machine to each other. These fittings are also made to ensure that there are no leaks from your Reverse Osmosis system.

  • Reverse Osmosis Post-Filter - this post-filter in the Reverse filtration system is made specifically to remove the final impurities from your water supply, making sure the water that flows through your supply line is of the highest quality percentage.

  • Reverse Osmosis Bladder Tank - the bladder tank, which is a rather odd name for such an important feature of the system, is made to store water that has passed through all purification and filtration processes. This compartment supplies the water direct to your building.


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Choose the Plumbing Company you Can Trust

Like with many other professional services, picking a good, trustworthy plumber can be a hassle. However, it doesn’t have to be! With Aqua Rescue the choice is simple, as you are guaranteed to receive qualified, professional services that you can rely on. Plumbing work can get expensive, and most times when you are in search of a plumber you require the work to be done very quickly. When you’re faced with an overflowing toilet, a clogged pipe, or some other plumbing nuisance, you need someone you can trust to get the job done efficiently.

Choosing a plumber in Toronto based solely on a low price can backfire and cause additional problems and expenses in the long run.  By putting your trust into a verified business, like ours, you can avoid unexpected or hidden costs and spare yourself a headache.

Aqua Rescue came to do a small job that turned into many little jobs without hesitation both Igor and Derek took it on and with a smile. They are very professional and knowledgeable in their trade. I would happily recommend them to anyone who is in need of a local plumber. You will not be dissatisfied.

Penny Leitch,

Residential Client

I’ve worked with several plumbers before but was thoroughly impressed with the way Igor diagnosed and dealt with the issues I was having. After about 5 minutes he was able to identify the problem and handled everything with the utmost attention to detail. He is very knowledgeable and thorough, and made sure I won’t have any problems in the future. 5/5 stars, I’d give more if I could

Vitaly Sidorenko,

Residential Client

Usually to book plumbing excavation work it takes several weeks. Aqua rescue came within 3 days brining 2 heave machines for the dig. They excavated our main drain, replaced and backfilled everything within 2 full days. The prices are also pretty good

Aubrey Dickens,

Residential Client

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We Offer Some of the Best Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Services!

Like with many other professional services, picking a good, trustworthy plumber can be a hassle. However it doesn’t have to be! With AquaRescue the choice is simple, as you are guaranteed to receive qualified, professional services that you can rely on.

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Where We Can Also Install Reverse Osmosis Systems

If you also require the installation of a much larger Reverse Osmosis system for your water packaging plant, the guys at Aqua Rescue are all set to make sure your business runs smoothly, attracting more benefits to you in the process.

If you are also in need of a plumbing service company that can deliver installation services for your wastewater treatment facility, the guys at Aqua Rescue are sure to meet your needs to the letter.

Also, Aqua Rescue’s top professionals can also install an industrial-size Reverse Osmosis system for your food processing and packaging plant, to ensure that your production process meets the acceptable quality specification limits.

Reverse Osmosis systems are now getting more popular in the production of several household goods, and the Aqua Rescue guys will make sure the system is working properly.

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