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Septic Tank Installation Toronto & GTA


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Aquarescue can help with all Septic System Installation, Repair, Maintenance, Inspections, as well as Septic Tank Location. Our team of experienced plumbers work with residential and commercial septic tank installations all around Toronto, GTA, and beyond in South Ontario.

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Septic System Explained

What is a Septic Tank?

A septic tank is a large, underground tank used to treat household sewage and wastewater. It is a part of a septic system that is commonly used in rural areas or areas without access to a centralized sewer system. The tank separates solid waste from liquids and allows the liquid to flow out into a drain field for further treatment and filtration. Septic tanks require regular maintenance and pumping to prevent clogs and backups.


Why Install Septic Tank in Toronto, GTA & Beyond?

Benefits of Septic Tank Installation

Septic System Installation is popular in rural areas, cottages and other locations without access to the centralized wastewater system. Septic tank installation services provide a cost-effective and independent way to treat the wastewater of your property. Some of the benefits can include:


  • Cost-effective - septic tank systems are generally more cost-effective to install and maintain compared to connecting to a centralized sewer system.

  • Environmentally friendly - septic tanks treat wastewater on-site, helping to prevent pollution of nearby water sources and reducing the strain on municipal wastewater treatment plants.

  • Independence - having a septic tank allows property owners to be self-sufficient and not rely on a centralized sewer system.

  • Longevity - when properly maintained, septic tanks can last for many years, providing a reliable and efficient way to treat household sewage.

  • Flexibility - septic tanks can be installed in a wide variety of locations, making them a versatile option for a range of property types and sizes.

  • Reduced water usage - septic tank systems typically require less water usage as they rely on natural processes to treat wastewater. This can be helpful to reduce water bills and help with water conservation.

  • Improved property value - properties with septic tanks are often viewed as more self-sufficient and environmentally friendly, which can potentially increase their value on the real estate market.


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Price of Septic Tank Installation in Toronto

How Much can Septic System Installation Cost?

On average, the cost of septic tank installation in Toronto can range from $3,000 to $20,000 or more. The cost of septic tank installation in Toronto can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of tank (aerobic, anaerobic), size of the tank, the complexity of the installation, the type of soil on the property, and any additional components required.


Aerobic vs Anaerobic Septic Tanks Installation Advantages

What is the Difference Between Aerobic & Anaerobic Septic Tanks?

Aerobic and anaerobic septic tanks are two different types of wastewater treatment systems that operate based on the presence or absence of oxygen in the treatment process. Here are the key differences between aerobic and anaerobic septic tanks:


Oxygen requirements

  • Anaerobic septic tanks - operate in the absence of oxygen. Bacteria in anaerobic septic tanks break down organic matter in the absence of oxygen, producing gases like methane and hydrogen sulphide as byproducts.

  • Aerobic septic tanks: Aerobic systems require oxygen to function. Aerobic bacteria used in these tanks break down organic matter more efficiently in the presence of oxygen, resulting in less odour and better treatment of wastewater.


Treatment efficiency

  • Anaerobic septic tanks - are generally less efficient in breaking down organic matter compared to aerobic systems. They may require more frequent pumping and maintenance to prevent odour and clogging issues.

  • Aerobic septic tanks - are known for their higher treatment efficiency and better breakdown of organic matter. This leads to cleaner effluent and reduced maintenance needs.


Odor control

  • Anaerobic septic tanks - often produce foul odours due to the breakdown of waste in the absence of oxygen. This can result in unpleasant smells in and around the tank.

  • Aerobic septic tanks - produce less odour compared to anaerobic tanks due to the oxygen-dependent breakdown of waste, resulting in a more pleasant environment.


System complexity and cost

  • Anaerobic septic tanks - are simpler in design and often more cost-effective to install compared to aerobic systems.

  • Aerobic septic tanks - are more complex and may require additional components such as air pumps and diffusers to provide oxygen to the bacteria. This can make aerobic systems more expensive to install and maintain.


Wonder what other differences between Aerobic vs Anaerobic Septic tanks? Talk to one of our experts today to discuss optimal Septic System Installation for your property. Get a FREE estimate today!

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