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Commercial Plumbing Toronto

Commercial Plumbing Experts

Commercial plumbing is in a class of its own in the plumbing profession. Many plumbing companies do not have the manpower and expertise to handle a commercial plumbing project, but at Aqua Rescue, the number one in Toronto Plumbing, we’ve got you and your commercial plumbing project covered. The use of commercial plumbing is reserved for high-rise buildings and skyscrapers. The plumbing is complex as expected and is a completely embedded plumbing system in most big buildings.


  • The large number of floors - this poses a serious issue for amateur plumbers as they may become confused as to where a fault may be coming from. However, this can be prevented with the use of the best Plumber Toronto Company for commercial projects, as Aqua Rescue is sure to wow you with the service we’ll render.

  • Size of the buildings - the size of a commercial building is one of the factors that separate it from other plumbing systems. The commercial building requires piping on every floor and this piping may be cumbersome to fix for a layman plumber. This is another reason why you should employ the very best in installing your commercial plumbing or fixing them.

Water Service Upgrades Company Toronto

More Reasons to get Water Service Upgrades

Aquarescue offers a wide range of services to commercial buildings and these services are guaranteed to be top-notch on every scale. The guys at Aqua Rescue will surely give you the best in Toronto Plumbing.

  • Commercial Building Plumbing Installation - our professional plumbers at Aqua Rescue are experienced and licensed individuals who are trained to deliver the best commercial plumbing solutions from the ground up. We pride ourselves in having the best Plumber Toronto services, and we’ll make sure there is no issue with the plumbing of your commercial building. Contact our customer service reps to get the best plumbing service out there right now.

  • Commercial Building Plumbing Maintenance - this is a necessity for commercial buildings as their facilities are used at all floors every day which increases the probability of issues arising. This is the reason why regular maintenance should be ordered for your commercial building. This maintenance involves a thorough assessment of your system and delivers you the best performance from your plumbing.

  • Commercial Building Plumbing Repairs - at Aqua Rescue, we have the best pros on stand-by that are ever ready to swing into action to repair the plumbing of your commercial building. The repairs are not going to take long or cause any disturbance to the daily activities of the commercial building. We pride ourselves as the best and we mean it.

  • Commercial Building Drain Unclogging - the force of gravity plays a major role in the drainage system, and this system may develop issues with clogging because of the size of the building. The guys from Aqua Rescue are trained professionals with years of experience in the plumbing business. These guys will unclog your drain and be on their way as fast and as efficiently as humanly possible.

  • Commercial Building Plumbing Replacement - your commercial building may need some replacements over time as the plumbing equipment gets older. It is the duty of our plumbers from Aqua Rescue to replace your collapsed pipe without causing any major disruption of your building’s system. We deliver the best and we’re doubly sure that you’ll be a referral for our company as our services are second to none. Whether it’s your drain or supply line that needs fixing, Aqua Rescue is the best to come to your rescue.

  • Commercial Building Water Meter Installation - the water meter for your commercial building needs to be installed by a capable and experienced plumber from Aqua Rescue. Don’t make the mistake of hiring an amateur plumber for your water meter installation if it is improperly fixed, your water bill may grow higher every time the invoice is sent in to your office.

  • Commercial Reverse Osmosis Installation - much larger reverse osmosis machines for commercial use are now readily available as the installation of these machines on every floor may be a waste of financial resources. This is a task for an experienced plumber and should be given to Aqua Rescue for the best installation for your water purification system.

  • Commercial Building Renovation Plumbing - if your commercial building is scheduled to undergo major/minor renovations, there are surely going to be places where the plumbing may also need renovations. This service can be expertly handled by Aqua Rescue as we’ll make sure your renovation effort goes according to plan and gives you the desired results.

  • Commercial Building Emergency Plumbing Services - if there is a plumbing emergency in your building, there’s no company more qualified to handle your emergency than Aqua Rescue. We have a 24/7 service that delivers relief from emergencies arising from your plumbing and our guys will make sure that the problem is fixed before they head for the exit.

  • Commercial Building Water Line Repairs/Replacement – the water line of your commercial building may be the reason why you get that astronomical figure anytime the bill is sent over. Also, the low water pressure in the supply line may also be as a result of the water line main having a fault. The staff from Aqua Rescue will ensure that your water line is fixed properly and the problems accompanying the fault will go away just like that.

  • Commercial Building Water Service Upgrade - our water service upgrade is necessary to serve the occupants of your building clean, drinkable water. The water service should be upgraded by Aquarescue to give you assurance and quality all through our service process. Contact our customer care representative today, and our guys will be at the lobby of your building in a jiffy.

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