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Commercial Kitchen Plumbing Toronto


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Commercial Kitchen Plumbing Toronto

Commercial Kitchen Plumbing

A commercial kitchen’s plumbing is very different from your normal household kitchen. This kitchen is designed to have a very large network of cooks all working at the same time to deliver food to an equally large customer base. If the simple kitchen’s plumbing is applied in a commercial setting, then the aim of the kitchen is sure to be under achieved. The commercial kitchen has a lot of equipment which are constantly needed for the kitchen to properly function and these kinds of equipment all require some plumbing to function right.  A commercial kitchen is so complex that most designs have their own layout plan.


It is a feat of plumbing engineering that will get the DIY plumber completely lost. With several washers, boilers, industrial size sinks, different faucets for different areas, ice machines, waste disposal and others too numerous to mention make the commercial kitchen plumbing fascinating indeed. The design of a commercial kitchen is so complex that there are certain codes which govern its construction procedures and materials to be used, but don’t worry because the guys at Aqua rescue are professionals who are here to provide the best Plumber Toronto service you can ever get.


Also, our customer service is second to none as we will be glad to walk you through the process of installing the best materials in your kitchen and ensure you have the best in Toronto Plumbing.

Commercial Kitchen Plumbing Services Offered in Toronto & GTA

Some of Our Commercial Kitchen Plumbing Services

Commercial kitchen plumbing is a complex structure as we have seen in detail and there are necessary features every commercial kitchen must have to ensure that the kitchen flows smoothly. These features are the most important but there are others that are also used to keep the kitchen running on all fours through the busy days of the week.


  • Gas Supply System - if there’s no cooking gas flowing through the kitchen then the kitchen is just a large room with many pipes running through the walls and floors. Gas supply lines are necessary for the kitchen as they run the cooking in tandem with the electric cookers, induction heaters, and other cooking means powered by electricity. The gas supply line layout of a commercial kitchen sometimes needs the approval of a municipal/city authority. This approval makes sure the layout and design specifications are in line with the laws of the city.

  • Water Supply System - the water supply system of a commercial kitchen is also necessary for it to maximize its output on a daily basis. The water supply system should be designed in such a way that the water coming from the main line into the kitchen has access to all parts of the kitchen and other areas where water is needed. This ensures that the kitchen operates seamlessly and more effectively. The water supply system also involves the use of boilers which are much larger than the ones used in much smaller buildings, and this ensures that there is equal access to cold and hot water to all parts of the kitchen at the same time. The water pressure of the commercial kitchen also needs to be considered as there is a possibility that all sections of the kitchen may be making use of water at the same time for longer periods.

  • Waste Disposal System - the waste disposal system of the commercial kitchen is designed to save time and increase the output of chefs while they work their magic. This system has a much more uniform outlay as it is necessary for waste to be taken out of the kitchen, but not at all points. The waste disposal system is very vital in the maximum functioning of a commercial kitchen.

  • Comprehensive Drainage Network - just as a lot of water is needed in the commercial kitchen, so also is a huge volume used and needs quick disposal. The commercial kitchen needs a drainage system that can stand the test of a long and very busy cooking spree in the kitchen, and all parts of the kitchen drains need to flow properly. The regulation of many cities governing the design layout of a commercial kitchen makes the drainage network compulsory for approval before construction commences. This prevents the constant mishap of having drain backup events in the commercial kitchen.

  • Grease Trap Cleaning - If not for this singular feature in the commercial kitchen, many owners may have had to get their drains unclogged every other week. The grease trap helps in trapping waste materials that are flushed through the various sinks, and the trap is very efficient in this as it prevents frequent clogging of the kitchen’s drains.

  • Venting System - the venting system is mandatory for commercial kitchens in the building codes of all cities. This is made compulsory because the kitchen makes use of fires, oils, and other stuff that may interfere with breathing in the building if not properly channeled out. The venting pipes are mostly made from medium-sized layers of metals which are mostly resistant to rust from heat and water vapor. The venting system is a complex feature but is necessary in your kitchen for your safety and the safety of others who make use of your kitchen on a daily basis.

  • Commercial kitchen plumbing - helps give your business a big boost and prevents the incidence of accidents and equipment malfunction during your operating hours. The kitchen is designed to be complex because it handles complex tasks over a short time span hence you should award your kitchen plumbing installation and maintenance to Aqua Rescue, as we are the best in Toronto Plumbing right now. Acquire our services today by getting in touch with our customer service team who are always ready to respond to your questions and give you the best Plumber Toronto experience you need.

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